What Makes a Good Coach

I had an argument with my coach the other week. Except in was just in my head, because I haven’t got that relationship with him where I can actually have an argument. So I had the conversation in my head instead.

This is how it went:

Yes I know I should be doing X and not Y during a jump*
But I can’t actually do it. I’ve tried not to do Y. But it doesn’t work.
I need something else. I need to find the root cause. I need a strategy. I need to break it down. I need a technique.
Just telling me “you did X again” I want you to do Y. It doesn’t work!

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Almond Banana Pancakes

These almond banana pancakes may take a couple of attempts to get the consistency just right. But I promise they’re worth it. Totally lovely!

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I’m a Bird and I Sing

Intrinsic Self-Worth – do you know what that is?

Best explained via a story…

I was being interviewed (I know, right!) by a friend and awesome coach (of the life and business type) recently and I remembered this story I heard.

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The Year of the Coast…

I don’t mean sea views and rock pools.

I mean coasting, as in not really going anywhere.

It’s been exactly one year since my car accident and resultant whiplash.

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Turkey and Broccoli Stirfry

I’m on a quest to expand my repertoire of family meals. My kids (6 and 8) are fussy eaters – in particular they don’t like things mixed together. As a result we eat alot of meat and 2 veg. Or fish and 2 veg. Or chicken and 2 veg. You get the picture. It’s really boring for the adults. 

So I’m trying this broccoli and turkey stirfry this weekend. Becasue they like noodles, And turkey. And broccoli… It’s super simple but should be quite tasty too.

We shall see!

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Sometimes You Can’t See What’s Right in Front of You

Yesterday was a day for humility and meekness.

I went to see my neck consultant and I was properly schooled. We had a detailed conversation about why my neck still causes issues. How I’ve been scaling my training. What rehab I’d been doing and so on. It kindof went like this:

Him: So let’s talk about the last incident that caused discomfort. When was it, what did you do?
Me: It was nearly two weeks ago. I did a box jump session.

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I Hate January

I really do. And it’s not just because the cold and dark. It’s because as a fitness person, it’s supposed to be a high peak month. I’m supposed to cash in on the desperate new-Resolutioners. I’m supposed to have lots of content telling people to join my group or my courses. And my social media feeds are of course full of people telling me to buy their products, join their courses, or their groups…

There’s nothing wrong with this of course. Sellers gotta sell. But there’s a lot of messaging that really winds my up. I spend my time scrolling past adverts / posts going “ugh” and “ffs”….

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