nutrition myths

Tор 4 Nutrition Mуthѕ

Nutrition is a mess. There is so much information and so much conflicting advice. It’s really hard to know what’s truth or what’s myth. Or worse marketing cr@p?

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Why we need to Lift Heavy Stuff

If you’ve ever seen me in the park with my group, we will almost always have kettlebells that we use to add resistance to our


Training for Longevity

I have this running joke in my group training sessions… I prescribe yet another set of lunges and squats. And joke,: “You’ll thank me when


How can I tone up my tummy?

This is one of the questions I get asked all the time. So here are my top tips on how to tone up your tummy…

The Right Time is Now

Take Action Today

The other day, a memory popped up on FB. It was about me procrastinating about an appraisal. It was 13 years ago, and I remember


How to Boost Your Immune System

Researchers have been exploring the effects of diet, exercise, age, psychological stress, and other factors on the immune response, both in animals and in humans


This Exercise is BAD for you!

This Exercise is BAD for you The ONE exercise you should never do Are you still doing crunches? Foam rolling is useless. Running is bad


Be Kind to Yourself

Talking to some of my clients, I’m aware that some of us may feel like we’re running on empty just now. And it’s not surprising.


Porridge Ideas

Want to jazz up your breakfasts? I love a porridge breakfast in the Autumn. Here’s some of my favourites to inspire your breakfasts… Most can