What is Melita about?

We are a health and fitness company focused on helping mums feel confident in their own bodies.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to focus on your body is a big decision. You need to know that your hard work is going to be rewarded with serious improvements to your body, fitness, and general health. With this in mind, choosing the right trainer to help you along the journey is pivotal.

First and foremost, you need a coach who is as passionate about your health as you are. With Christine Sciberras and the Melita trainers by your side, that’s one issue that you’ll never need to worry about.

We don't take ourselves too seriously.

For many mums, the first step is the hardest. You might be worried that you are not fit enough, or too fit. Will you find people supportive or judgemental; fun or fully competitive? 

The Melita group is made up of mums with something in common: we’re all taking the time to be the best version of ourselves but we find it easier to do that whilst having fun. There’s a real mix of people from the most encouraging and supportive to the people who push you to try harder and move faster to the jokers and story tellers who keep you smiling whilst you’re doing it. There’s no pressure to be fit when you start but plenty of challenge if you already are.  

Choose strong
Train hard & have fun

We choose strong.

Yes, there’s running involved but we choose strong over endless cardio. You will be using kettlebells and strengthening your muscles with all the related benefits that extra strength brings (higher metabolic rate, anyone?). Our sessions are a mixture of cardio, strengthening, stretching and even a little Pilates now and then.

It is possible to train hard and have fun.

Our Melita community keeps everyone coming back. It provides accountability and is a wonderful reminder that you’re not the only one juggling family, work, life, relationships and self care too. 

We crawl around in fields together, race up hills and check each other for see through leggings! Many wonderful friendships are formed and last beyond the training sessions. We train hard but also have fun: nights out, retreats and more.

Our team of trainers complement each other and your training too.

Chris founded Melita and over the years has added trainers to the team bringing more sessions and individual styles. Chris’ sessions typically involve more kettlebells, Paula runs the Pilates sessions and running club, Chrissi is formidable but endlessly encouraging when you need it. Find out more about our trainers here.

We love getting to know new people.


For many mums, the first step is often the hardest. But once you’ve taken that leap of faith by placing your trust in Christine, you’ll never look back.

With the help of Melita Fitness, your dream of the perfect body and increased energy will come true. The beginning of a new and exciting chapter starts now…

A peak into our training in Guildford

Ways to get started?

Group training

This is no ordinary Bootcamp! Workout with like-minded mums in a fun and supportive environment. We keep our classes small, so that workouts can be tailored to your individual needs. This will ensure you achieve the best possible progress.

Personalised Weight Loss Programme

This 3 month programme is perfect for busy mums who want to lose weight for good. Weight loss shouldn’t be stuck in the “too hard” pile. Nor should we put it off because the timing isn’t perfect. Put yourself and your health first and be amazed at what you will achieve.


Take ownership of your fitness with these self-paced courses. Develop your understanding on a range of topics. Like the principles of weight loss, how hormonal changes affect your health, or how to grow a strong mindset.

What do Melita members say?


Melita is so much more than just fitness - it's a community. I really love being surrounded by a group of strong women, pursuing our goals and supporting each other.



I have been a member of "Melita Fitness" for almost a year now; I think what is quite unique about it; is that we are All REAL mums working to stay fit; create some "Me time"; and juggle all the needs and responsibilities of life. It is a great community for getting fit, having some laughter and socialising as well as for support in recent tricky times.