We are a health and fitness company in the Guildford area focused on helping mums feel confident in their own bodies.

Taking time out of your busy schedule to focus on your body is a big decision. You need to know that your hard work is going to be rewarded with serious improvements to your body, fitness, and general health. With this in mind, choosing the right trainer to help you along the journey is pivotal.

First and foremost, you need a coach who is as passionate about your health as you are. With Christine Sciberras by your side, that’s one issue that you’ll never need to worry about.

Chris has always been a lover of all things fitness related. As a youngster, she was a member of the National Team in athletics. In fact, she used to hold the national record for the long jump.

Injury eventually ended Chris’s long jump career but didn’t stop her caring about health and fitness. After growing disillusioned with life in a city job, she quit to become a personal trainer; she hasn’t looked back since. Chris loves nothing more than helping other women experience the joy of achieving the body they’ve always wanted. And you can be next.

[EDIT: I am now back into Long Jump and Triple Jump!!! I am competing again as a Masters (aka oldie) in the W40-44 category and have had some good results locally. But most of all, I’m really enjoying pushing my body in new ways.]


As a mum herself, Chris appreciates how motherhood can change your body and your routine. With the help of the Melita Fitness, you’ll rediscover the fun of getting fit.  Routines are scheduled to fit around your other commitments too.​

Working out in a fun and rewarding environment is one thing. But Christine understands that your other big issue is maintaining a healthy diet. Spending hours in the kitchen simply isn’t an option when you’re juggling a million and one things. With Melita Fitness, you won’t just gain effective workouts. You’ll also learn how to make healthy eating affordable, practical, and fun.


Chris is a fully qualified PT, who has spent over eight years helping hundreds of women in Guildford and the surrounding areas. Through a combination of dedicated training and nutrition, you can follow in the footsteps of those happy clients. In just a few short weeks, you’ll feel like a completely new woman. And let’s face it; a happier mum is a better mum too.

Whether you’re looking for one-to-one coaching or a group environment, it’s the only plan you’ll ever need.

P.S. in the last year, Chris has started long jump training again and plans to compete in the Masters W40 category. So watch this space!

P.P.S. 2017-2018. Winner at British Championships in TJ, and Second in the LJ… 

A peek into our training in Guildford.

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Let’s get started.

For many mums, the first step is often the hardest. But once you’ve taken that leap of faith by placing your trust in Christine, you’ll never look back.

With the help of Melita Fitness, your dream of the perfect body and increased energy will come true. The beginning of a new and exciting chapter starts now..