Resolution revolution

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Resolution Revolution!

‘Tis the season, of course. Everyone is talking about Resolutions. I’m sure you’ve seen the blogs and the posts.

  • Should you make one or some?
  • How best to make them stick?
  • Whether we shouldn’t be making resolutions anyway…
  • Is it pointless? What % of resolutions will have been abandoned by when?
  • And on and on…

My view is that with any big “ending” like the end of a calendar year, the training year or the school year, it is helpful to take stock, think about how things went, where you were last year? Progress made or progress you had hoped for but not made…

I don’t see any value in an endless list of things to do, not do or change. Because these are the sort of things that will fall by the wayside by mid-January. So for me my taking stock will look something like this:

  • Training: I trained quite consistently last year, averaging 3 sessions per week. #winning. Expectation for 2018 is to continue to build on this aiming for 4-5 sessions. And compete in at least 1 international competition and a number of domestic ones.
  • Life: We moved into our to-be-forever-home this year. #winning. It has been a big block of headspace for a long time so glad to get this done. The expectation for 2018 is to do quite a lot of work on it, and to survive this next upheaval without losing my head.
  • Business: 2017 has been a great year. I continued to grow the business. We have a great community and I truly love it. #winning. Expectation for 2018 is to grow some more, continue to systemise, and to focus on the areas I enjoy!
  • Kids: The kids continue to be healthy and happy, and I have mostly managed to get them to where they needed to be in a clean and timely fashion. More of the same required!
  • Balance: This is definitely my area for ‘needs improvement’ side. 2017 has seen me almost continually a little too busy, not sleeping enough and often too tired, stressed and snappy with the family. Getting balance is going to be my focus for 2018…

Each of these bullets areas have got more detailed plan sitting below them… Below that will be some habits that I seek to change. So for example, writing about balance and my tiredness has led me to notice that my bedtime routine habit has fallen by the wayside. I have spent several nights up till past 11 looking for Christmas presents, furniture, blinds, and what not, yet I’m still up early writing this. Clearly, my New Years resolution will be start getting to bed earlier…

The way I’ll work towards this is by focusing of getting back into the habit by using my Habit Tracker. You can read more about habits here

and you can download my habit tracker workbook here

So you see the trick to making lasting change is to focus on your habits and behaviours: repeating positive behaviours and stopping negative or damaging behaviours.

One final word of advice: Pick one (or maybe two, tops) thing to try and change. Once that’s become a solid habit, you can think about picking another one (or two!)


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