Be Kind to Yourself

Talking to some of my clients, I’m aware that some of us may feel like we’re running on empty just now. And it’s not surprising.

The Right Time is Now

Take Action Today

The other day, a memory popped up on FB. It was about me procrastinating about an appraisal. It was 13 years ago, and I remember


Porridge Ideas

Want to jazz up your breakfasts? I love a porridge breakfast in the Autumn. Here’s some of my favourites to inspire your breakfasts… Most can


Winter Warmers

As the days get shorter and we tend to seek out comfort from food, here’s a collection of winter warmer options. Comfort food doesn’t have


This Exercise is BAD for you!

This Exercise is BAD for you The ONE exercise you should never do Are you still doing crunches? Foam rolling is useless. Running is bad

Teriyaki chicken

Slow Cooker Chicken Teriyaki

Here’s another yummy slow cooker option. 10 minutes to throw together. And even my kids like it! What you need 700g chicken breast 2 tsp.

SPorts Bra

On Sports Bras

At a recent session, the topic of sports bras came up and I was challenged to write about it. Here’s the way these blogs normally

On Good Days Work Out. On Bad Days Work Out. On Rest Days Rest

When to take a Rest Day

We were having this conversation recently at a session. and it’s important so I figured I’d share it.  The question is, when should I take a rest day. There’s a few members of the group who are really into their training. They work out with me 4 or 5 times a week. And run a few times a week too. And that is excellent.

But, should you have a rest day? How many? And what exactly constitutes a rest day?