This Exercise is BAD for you!

This Exercise is BAD for you The ONE exercise you should never do Are you still doing crunches? Foam rolling is useless. Running is bad

Standing on the scales

Chris, I’m Doing Everything Right……

Chris, I’m Doing Everything Right…… But I’m not losing any weight…I hear this many times, unfortunately. And there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re doing it all but not getting the results.A number of things might be happening. So let’s explore them:


The Good Better Best Continuum

The good, better, best continuum is something I mention quite a lot. So I decided it deserves a whole blog post to itself.

We should see all health and fitness choices (and possibly life too!) as lying on a continuum, with Poor choices on one end and Best Choices on the other end…

Whenever you want to make a change in your life, you shouldn’t aim for the “end” or “best” point straight away. Or the perfect outcome. Rather you should aim for the Next Logical Step-Up from wherever you are RIGHT NOW.

So, if for example you wanted to get fitter, the continuum might look something like this.

Coffee cups

Let’s talk about Caffeine

Anyone who knows me will know I looove coffee. Strong and black and sweet.

It’s my “treat”. I use it to wake up. I use it to concentrate. I use it when I want chocolate. I use it when I want a break. I use it when my kids have wound me up. I’ll regularly have 5-6 shots in a day. more if we’re doing homeschooling!!😲

Calories burnt irrelevant

Why Calories Burnt is Irrelevant

Calories Burnt in a Workout is Irrelevant . The number of calories burnt is a totally useless indicator of whether a workout is good or bad. Read on to learn why.

How often should I train?

I had this question recently: How often should I train?

The short answer is: It depends. It really depends on your goals, your fitness level, and your lifestyle.

But here are some scenarios

Woman feeling cold

I’m struggling. Are you struggling?

I’m struggling. Are you struggling?

It always happens this time of the year. I’m always surprised (not in a good way) how quickly the end of summer turns into winter. It’s not just a little colder and a little darker. The change, especially for my Mediterranean body, is dramatic.

Hate January Meme

I Hate January

I really do. And it’s not just because the cold and dark. It’s because as a fitness person, it’s supposed to be a high peak month. I’m supposed to cash in on the desperate new-Resolutioners. I’m supposed to have lots of content telling people to join my group or my courses. And my social media feeds are of course full of people telling me to buy their products, join their courses, or their groups…

There’s nothing wrong with this of course. Sellers gotta sell. But there’s a lot of messaging that really winds my up. I spend my time scrolling past adverts / posts going “ugh” and “ffs”….

Mindset of a champion

Mindset of a Champion

Mindset of a ChampionHave you ever heard of Growth theory? This topic, popularised by Carol Dweck, has application in lots of areas. From raising children, excelling at sports and even losing weight.In a nutshell the theory holds that someone who has a fixed mindset will believe that your intelligence, character, ability in sports, etc are what you are born with. They’re unchangeable. People with a fixed mindset tend no to put effort into things: I’m not smart enough, I can’t do it, I haven’t got enough time.People with a growth mindset believe that your basic qualities can be changed. That you can improve through your own efforts. People with a growth mindset are more likely to invest time and effort in to attaining their goals. They are more likely to learn from mistakes or failures, and view life as a continual process of improvement.