Stop self sabbotage

Why we Self-Sabotage

Have you ever noticed that in our lives, we often end up sabotaging our own progress? Have you ever done something, and then thought “why on earth did I just do that”?


Conversations that wind me up

“I haven’t got time to…”

… cook healthy meals

… help out with the school

… exercise

… do my stretching

And so on

5 minutes later:

“Oooh did you watch Love Island”

No funnily enough. I don’t watch Love Island. In fact I don’t watch much TV. But I do manage to organise healthy meals, help out with the school, exercise intensely, occasionally do proper stretching, and run a pretty busy business.

sore muscles, DOMS,

Help! I’m no longer sore after a workout

Help! I’m no longer sore after a workout

You know how it goes. You start a new regime and after the first session you are just so sore… but as the sessions progress, the total soreness start to fade. Until sometimes you’re not sore at all and you begin to wonder?… what does it mean if I’m not sore after a workout?

I get it – many people associate sore muscles with a good workout. So does it mean that if you’re not sore – it wasn’t a good workout?

Not at all!


The Good Better Best Continuum

The good, better, best continuum is something I mention quite a lot. So I decided it deserves a whole blog post to itself.

We should see all health and fitness choices (and possibly life too!) as lying on a continuum, with Poor choices on one end and Best Choices on the other end…

Whenever you want to make a change in your life, you shouldn’t aim for the “end” or “best” point straight away. Or the perfect outcome. Rather you should aim for the Next Logical Step-Up from wherever you are RIGHT NOW.

So, if for example you wanted to get fitter, the continuum might look something like this.


This Exercise is BAD for you!

This Exercise is BAD for you The ONE exercise you should never do Are you still doing crunches? Foam rolling is useless. Running is bad

Standing on the scales

Chris, I’m Doing Everything Right……

Chris, I’m Doing Everything Right…… But I’m not losing any weight…I hear this many times, unfortunately. And there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re doing it all but not getting the results.A number of things might be happening. So let’s explore them:

Coffee cups

Let’s talk about Caffeine

Anyone who knows me will know I looove coffee. Strong and black and sweet.

It’s my “treat”. I use it to wake up. I use it to concentrate. I use it when I want chocolate. I use it when I want a break. I use it when my kids have wound me up. I’ll regularly have 5-6 shots in a day. more if we’re doing homeschooling!!😲

Calories burnt irrelevant

Why Calories Burnt is Irrelevant

Calories Burnt in a Workout is Irrelevant . The number of calories burnt is a totally useless indicator of whether a workout is good or bad. Read on to learn why.

How often should I train?

I had this question recently: How often should I train?

The short answer is: It depends. It really depends on your goals, your fitness level, and your lifestyle.

But here are some scenarios