Do you have a FOMO?

FOMO, fear of missing out. We were talking about this after training today. Particularly on how a fear of missing out causes us to overeat, over indulge, to make sub-optimal choices regarding food. Here’s some examples:

–          You want to be more healthy, but you don’t want to miss out on drinks at the girls night out.

–          You want to fit into that new dress, but you’re out at a fancy restaurant and it would be a shame to miss out on pudding.

–          You want to lose weight, but there’s that last slice of pizza and it’ll be cold and wasted in a minute…


What’s wrong with Slimming World (and Weight Watchers)

The other day I was having a chat with someone at school.

“I’ve got to get back on track with my weight” she said…

“Excellent! What’s your plan?” I said…

Person: I’m gonna go back to Slimming World…

At this point I think I literally banged my head against the wall…

Person: Oh, you don’t like them then… but it always works for me.

Now, I’m not the type of person to slate people’s efforts to get healthy. Quite the opposite in fact, but I lose track of the number of times slimming world / weight watchers comes up in my world.

Me: “Oh it worked for you. Tell me what happened…”

Person: Well yes. It worked. I lost some weight. Then I stopped going, because (Choose one: I went on holiday / I got ill / it was my birthday, husband’s birthday, dog’s birthday) And, you know, the weight came back on again…

And this, my lovely readers is THE reason I don’t recommend slimming world or weight watchers.

Chris planks

Hard to do things we KNOW we should be doing?

Why is it so hard to do the things we KNOW we should be doing?

This morning, I was speaking to a mum…”My hamstrings are really tight…” she said.
Or checking in with a mum’s food diary “Not enough greens, I know…” she said.
Or me to myself after 120m sprints… “ I’m losing form after 80-90m…”

We know what we need: regular stretching, more greens, eat less rubbish, or do more ab work in my case.

And we know what the benefits would be: remain injury free, better health, stronger finish.

And it reality it doesn’t really cost us that much does it… 5-10 min every other day?

So why, oh why is it so damn hard to get it done, and done consistently?

Now confession… as I’m typing this right now, I’m not entirely sure I have the answer. In part, I’m writing this to make sense of my thoughts. So bear with me!

Let’s start with some reasons…

health myths

Tор 5 Hеаlth Mуthѕ

Tор 5 Hеаlth Mуthѕ

Nutrition is a mess. There is so much information and so much conflicting advice. It’s really hard to know what’s truth or what’s myth. Or worse marketing cr@p?

There’s at least 2 good reasons for this:


My top suррlеmеntѕ fоr wоmеn

So the recent news is that Katie Price has launched a new range of Nutrition supplements.

Great. Not. Just what we need, another celebrity pissing about in a micro crop top selling us “nutrition”

Without going into too much detail – they’re a pile of crap because:

They make claims that are not supported by science
They contain ingredients that sound fancy e.g. Satiereal suppresses appetite and enhances mood.
Q: Wtf is satiereal? A: you’ll get it at the end.…
They contain ingredients that are actually likely to be beneficial (like whey protein) but they are packaged up in ghastly pink and silver and grossly overpriced.
And, the most important to me, they are sold as ‘meal replacements’.I have a real problem with that term. Supplements should add to your food intake and not ever, ever replace it.


The Ultimate Christmas Cheat Sheet

Christmas brings with it a complete change of routine. The kids are off school, social events are on the up, Christmas goodies are tempting you everywhere you turn and there’s a million things to buy, prepare and do!

With so much on, it’s no wonder that many of us put health and fitness on the back burner, promising to deal with it in the New Year. But it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m going to show you 7 little changes that will have you enjoying a fun, guilt-free Christmas.


Comfort food doesn’t have to be unhealthy

Winter is really here now. And as it gets colder and darker we tend to want “winter warmers”, and “comfort food”. Which typically implies high stodge, high calories and general unhealthy. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Comfort food doesn’t have to mean unhealthy….

personal trainer workouts

Your Willpower isn’t the Problem

I hear about will power and motivation all the time… Often in the form of: I haven’t got the will power to get to the gym 4 times a week. I need motivation to train for a 10km. I’ve joined a gym but I need motivation to get there after work. But what I’d like to be hearing, is more about habits.


My favourite top 4 cheat meals.

We all know the story: kids playing up, house is a mess, late back from work and you didn’t achieve half the things you planned to achieve. And suddenly it’s tea or dinner time. The last thing you feel like doing is cooking. So here are my top 3 cheat meals… Cheat as in limited work is required. But they can still be considered healthy…..


Beat the Post-Holiday Bulge!

Well hello there So, time to fess up. I’m writing this on the plane back from a 11 day holiday in Minorca. Fully inclusive. Last year I wrote THIS article about how to survive the fully inclusive holiday, without damaging your health and fitness too much. Well, wasn’t I smug then…