This Exercise is BAD for you!

  • This Exercise is BAD for you
  • The ONE exercise you should never do
  • Are you still doing crunches?
  • Foam rolling is useless.
  • Running is bad for you.

And so on and so forth.

Ugh. It seems these days that trainers love to slate each other. Each others viewpoints. Or each other’s regimens.

I’m guilty of it sometimes too. I suppose. I might quip that running is bad for you or that burpees are pointless. And in general I stand by that. And / or I’m taking the piss.

Because I hope you know that running isn’t bad for you. But too much running with poor form might be.

And burpees aren’t inherently bad for you. But many of the wonderful women I train would struggle to perform many without losing form and therefore risking injury.

And the same can be said for every single damn exercise.

So whenever you see a media headline or an “insta-trainer” dissing something (I’m looking at you James Smith) I would challenge you to dig a little deeper.

… every movement has some risk factor
… every training regimen, supplement, fitness idea will have some benefit which is evidenced by some scientific studies
… but likewise, there will be some evidence to say that it is pointless.

It anything was actualy absolute, the health, fitness, nutrition space wouldn’t be in the mess that it is in today.

The trick for a trainer worth their money is to decipher, on balance, what is likely to work or not work for their clients. What is likely or not likely to have a higher risk factor for that particular set of clients.

And that’s one reason I work solely with women. I have no fucking idea about men (generally) but I can tell you which 3 supplements are most likely to help women above the age of 30! Based on working with this population for over a decade.

So there you go…

Please remember this when scrolling through Insta and FB. IT’s not real life. And in order to stand ou from the masses and masses of other trainers, insta-trainers are needing to take increasingly combatant views.

But that’s Instagram.

And Instagram is not real life…

PS the exercise in the image… IT’s BAAAAD for you… Definitely never a good reason.

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