Be Kind to Yourself

Talking to some of my clients, I’m aware that some of us may feel like we’re running on empty just now.

And it’s not surprising.

The last months have been crazy. We have had to deal with so much.

And we are still dealing with so much.  

Pause for a moment and map out everything you have had to deal with this last year. It’s been monumental. There’s the big stuff: working from home, job losses, bereavements, sickness, homeschooling. And there’s been tonnes of other stuff too: Am I doing the right thing? Am I doing enough? Will our holiday go ahead? Is it a good idea to even go on holiday?  

The constant questioning and uncertainty has certainly been a struggle for me. And I’m sure it has been for some of you too.  

So I guess I just wanted to say: it’s OK if you’re feeling flat. It’s OK if you’re feeling meh.

We have been through a lot and there is still this state of flux and anxiety.  

So my recommendation to you is to try and carve out a small window of time to restore yourself. Tto use a phrase I despise, find a way to practice some self care.

Think about what this means for you. The internet will tell you it’s bubble bath and spas days. But it’s not. 

Self care is anything that helps you look after your health: it can be physical (e.g. movement, nutrition, sleep), it can be social (friendships, family), it can be emotional (happiness levels, stress levels, gratitude)

For me it’s deciding that I’ll have an easier week. I won’t sit at my desk trying to “do social media” unless I feel like it. It means I’ll meet a friend for coffee and not worry about all the other things I should be doing. It means I won’t look at the news before bed. And it means that I’ll take super long walks with the dog and sing at the top of my voice if I feel like it (which I always do!)   

What will it be for you? How can you look after yourself this week? What will you prioritise (or deprioritise) to give yourself a boost?  It deosn’t have to be big. But it really should be something!

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