The top 3 stupidest fitness gadgets…

I’ve a treat for you today…

Facebook has obviously worked out that one of my ‘interests’ is Fitness. So I get treated to a whole bunch of really, reaaaallly, stupid fitness props. I think its even worse because I’m over 40 too. Advertisers target over 40, women, into fitness with a whole load of crap.

I’ve never had an advert for a Kettlebell for example…

Anyhow, so I’m sharing the joy today. Read on for a laugh…

In 3rd position: 

Problems down under when you double under? With Elvie you can stop it!”

Women are notoriously rubbish at doing kegels, because um, they’re really boring. Well not anymore. You even get an app with it!

“Who would have thought that doing kegel exercises could be fun?…I love it!” says Emma, from London.

Well exactly… Way to go Emma!

In 2nd place 

The anti-cellulite suction cup… Because suction is cellulite’s kryptonite, right? 

See it here.

Groan. I don’t know what makes me despair the most.

  • The fact that there are 22,000 people sharing the video.
  • The fact that the video has apparently had 22 MILLION hits.
  • The fact that there are that many woman bothered by cellulite.
  • The fact that there are apparently soooo many woman who have tried it and “swear” by it.

F*ckssake.  [Am i allowed to swear on my blog?]

This latest craze is a ‘at home’ version of Hot Cupping which is a Hollywood stars and sports stars recent craze. But whilst I can imagine hot cupping or suction with a erm suction device may have some benefits or results, I fail to see how a little silicone thing costing £9.99 will have ANY effect.

Perhaps just try massaging?

and so In 1st place

We have the Squatmatic.
The marketing spiel says: No strain, no struggle. Which in my mind, translates as absolutely, really-very pointless. Yours for £59.99

And apart from everything it just looks like some Male product designer’s weird fetish…

See it here. So, wrong…

So there you go. In summary: spending money is rarely the answer so don’t waste your money on gadgets. if you must, spend it on kit or a top quality kettlebell.

Or spend it on some great coaching.

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