Hats off to you!

So this week’s blog simply had to be about Sundays fab day out at the 5km Obstacle Course in Newbury.
I am beyond proud of every single one of these wonderful women who signed up, turned up and aced this course.

  • Many of them had never done a 5km before.
  • Most had never done an obstacle course before.
  • Many, when we first started talking about this, said ‘Nope, not for me’, but over the course of time, decided to push themselves out of their comfort zone and just do it! And they did.
  • Some brought their families to support them but also to inspire them. And to show them: look this is what mum can do!
  • And we all overcame the obstacles and made it out in one piece!

The thing that makes me the most proud is that everyone worked hard, everyone cheered and encouraged the rest of the team, everyone found a buddy to run with. No one was left behind, the atmosphere was positive, encouraging and so brilliantly supportive.

So, my dear #team.melitafitness Hats off to you all.

I am pleased as punch!

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