My Favourite Exercise at the Moment

And one you should all be doing!

If you’ve been training with me recently, you’ll have no doubt come across it in your sessions. 

I’m talking of course about the…

The Single Leg Deadlift!

It’s a simple exercise. But a bit tricky to get right!

It’s suitable for both beginners and advanced alike. Little or no weights for Beginners or load it up for advanced. Warning: it’s deadly on the glutes! So you might find you’ve trouble walking the next couple of days!

OK. So what is it? The video shows what it should look like. Some key pointers to set yourself up.

1) The front leg (the working leg) should be bearing all of your weight.The back leg or the free leg should simply be resting on the floor, providing balance. As you progress with this exercise you can take it off the floor to make it even harder.

2) Stand tall, shoulders back and down, abs braced. Think about maintaining this postition through the movement.

3) You should have a slight bend in the knee (front foot).

4) Start the movement by hinging at the hips and thinking about pushing your bottom backwards.

5) You should maintain a flat (neutral arch) back throughout the movement.

6) Continue the movement until your back is horizontal or just before you lose the flat back position, which ever comes sooner!

7) As you start to come back up again, really visualise and think about that glute muscle.

8) Remember to fully extend back to your tall position with a good glute squeeze at the top.

Love it!

Do you?

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