The Too Hard Basket

Whenever I’m sorting out admin or life in general, I have two piles.

  • A ‘do it now’ basket. This is usually (both or either) time-critical or easy to do.  Like pay bills or unstack the dishwasher.
  • A ‘too hard’ basket.  Which has things like clean the oven or dreaded tax assessments (until end Jan when this becomes a ‘do it now’ item).  Unlike the oven which never happens.

Do you have this too?  A ‘too hard’ basket?

Some of the mums I’ve been talking too recently do have this.
And some of the things that is on their list include…

  • Get fit
  • Lose weight
  • Start running
  • Eat healthily

And other variations on this theme…

Is this you?
I genuinely would like to hear back on this one. Please comment and tell me why it’s on the too hard pile. This will help me to better understand and serve you, dear mums!

I do get it.

I found it hard to lose my baby weight. I put it off:  after I’ve finished breast feeding, once the baby is sleeping through, once winter is over, next Monday, next month…”

And on and on.  Eventually I did lose it. But it wasn’t easy and I needed help to do it!

However, the thing is this.  Just like the tax return, you can ignore it for a while.  But eventually in the last week of January it just has to get done.

Eventually it will move to the MUST DO IT NOW pile.

Don’t let this happen to your health.  If you think that you need to lose weight or get more active, get started now.  Because just like the tax return once you actually get going you might find you’re thinking: “wow, I’ll never leave it to the last minute again” or “gosh it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be…”

But either way.

You’ll definitely be feeling GREAT that you’re finally DOING something about it…

*goes to google oven cleaners”

PS: If this post resonates with you and you’d like to make a first step then contact me by email. This will go straight to my primary email and I’ll make sure I reply sharpish!

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