The Good Better Best Continuum

The good, better, best continuum is something I mention quite a lot. So I decided it deserves a whole blog post to itself.

We should see all health and fitness choices (and possibly life too!) as lying on a continuum, with Poor choices on one end and Best Choices on the other end…

Whenever you want to make a change in your life, you shouldn’t aim for the “end” or “best” point straight away. Or the perfect outcome. Rather you should aim for the Next Logical Step-Up from wherever you are RIGHT NOW.

So, if for example you wanted to get fitter, the continuum might look something like this.

Exercise and Movement Continuum

It would make little sense to go from zero exercise or movement to expecting exercise and movement to magically be part of your daily life. There’s several Next Logical Step-Ups in the continuum and you would stand a much better chance of success if you aim to consistently achieve a goal that is closer to your current state.

Similarly with our eating habits. If you currently never have breakfast, there is little point in aiming for perfection every day. Choose a step that is closer to where you are now, but that still is a step up in the Good Better Best Continuum. Once that has been achieved and embedded into your lifestyle, move it up another little notch. And so on…

Breakfast Continuum

Why? Because this way you will be much more likely to be successful in achieving your goal. And success breeds success. When you are hitting your goals you are much more like to be inspired to continue. Contrast this to when your goals are far away and unrealistic. You’re more likely to fail. Then you’ll feel guilty, like you’ve let yourself down. Nobody likes feeling that way!

Makes sense? Choose the Next Logical Step-Up.

Maximise your likelihood of success.


And repeat.

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