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The Right Time is Now

The other day, a memory popped up on FB. It was about me procrastinating about an appraisal. It was 13 years ago, and I remember it so clearly….

The thing is, I had been unhappy about my job in Mgmt Consutancy for a while. It wasn’t just the long hours and the travel. It was the fact that I never ever made a blind bit of difference to anyone or anything. (Other than my employer’s revenue stream). It was also the fact that I couldn’t see anything to aspire to. You could work harder and get promoted. Earn more but have even more shite to deal with. And still not make a blind bit of difference to anyone or anything…

So I had already started to hatch a plan… I was studying for my personal trainer qualifications part time during weekends (and loving it). I was saving up my “emergency fund” to help me transition from generously salaried employee to self-employed start-up.

I was also “waiting for the right time”. This was 2008 and we were bang in the middle of a financial crises.

But then I remember having a conversation with a friend, who happened to be a life coach and her saying to me: Chris there will never be a perfect time to make the jump…

And indeed it wasn’t the perfect time.

But this sodding appraisal with my manager (who was a right dick) was exactly the right stimulus.

And despite the fancy title, the safe salary, the financial crises, and my lack of savings, I handed in my resignation the next day.

I still remember the look on the dickhead’s face.

And that was it. Decision made and then it was just a matter of making it happen!

…I switched to full time qualification,

…I chose my business name (it was Zess… a mix of Zest and Fitness… I know, 😂🤣)

…I printed 10,000 flyers (Do you know what 10,000 flyers look like – it’s a lot.. Do you know how many flyers one could reasonably hand out if standing outside a busy tube station for say 2 hours? Maybe 50… 😭)

But these weeks were actually fantastic – I LOVED the qualification. I literally learned about training from 9am-5pm with breaks for two of my other favourite things: eating and training!

Anyhow. The reason I’m telling you this is because we often procrastinate from doing something that’s really really good for us. Because we think it’s not the right time.

For example, right now I am having SO many conversations with women who are interested in training but it’s not the right time, cos Christmas…

Similarly, some of you may be thinking, I should clean up my eating, but actually. It’s not the right time, cos Christmas.

But it’s never going to be the right time… Because if it’s not Christmas, it’s half term or some COVID drama, or whatever.

If I hadn’t been so pissed off at my manager, I’d probably still be saving my emergency fund (lol – I’m really not a great saver!!)

And then you wouldn’t be reading these brilliant blogs.

That inspire you to




It doesn’t have to be huge. – I’m not asking you to quit your jobs.

But I’m asking you to look at the thing that’s unsatisfactory in your health and fitness right now. Get pissed off that you’re accepting the status quo.

And do something about it.

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