Seven Super Simple Things To Get Healthier Now!

Do you ever feel that being healthy is too hard? It shouldn’t be.

But we are constantly bombarded with the idea that we are not good enough. Social media is full of perfect lives and perfect selfies that make feel we need to be thinner but curvier, busy yet mindful, richer while working less, bla bla… From the tabloids to TV to Instagram and Twitter, we are constantly assured that our best self is just out of reach.

I don’t think that it needs to be this way!
So here’s seven super simple things that you can do to be healthier. They are totally doable and that don’t require much time or effort. Pick one or two and try to implement them into your life today!

Eat your veggies!

Remember how mum always used to pester you to eat those greens? She was right. A diet high in vegetables is proven to reduce your chances of contracting illness, improve your intestinal health, and can even boost your immune system. And it fills you up!

Buy an old fashioned alarm clock.

I realised not long ago that I was doing OK and getting off the couch and ready for bed. But somehow, never actually managed to get to sleep early. This is because I’d browse my phone whilst on the loo. And then browse again after I’d set my alarm. And once the damn thing went off in the morning, I’d scroll through a gazillion notifications before I’d even opened my eyes properly.

So now, I use an old fashioned alarm. And the phone goes into my office at 9pm until the next day (well that’s the plan anyhow – it’s kindof a WIP)

Stop eating your child’s leftovers.

I know we all do it, (me included) but seriously! It’s gross. And its additional calories that you don’t need or want. Cold toast anyone?

Get outdoors!

Even if it’s cold and wet. Take a walk or do some gardening. Being close to nature will make you feel less stressed and more grounded. And it will boost your happy hormones… A recent study showed that you need just 120 minutes per week to boost your health and happiness. An it doesn’t matter whether you get big blocks or little ones. (But I prefer lots, everyday)

Eat protein at every meal.

Protein is the building blocks of your body. We use it to build and repair tissue. It also helps you feel fuller for longer. Aim for one palm size portion with each meal. Some of my fav protein sources are Eggs, Chicken, Fish, Meat, Nuts and Cheese.

Drink more water.

Can you honestly say you drink enough water? You need at least 2 litres a day! It energises your muscles, controls your calorie intake, and encourages kidney health. If you are just 2% dehydrated it will reduce your body functioning optimally.


Of course, I’ve gotta add this one in! But you know it’s true. It doesn’t have to be hard or long or complicated. A 15min circuit is better than nothing. Choose 5 exercises. Set a timer for 45 sec ON and 15 sec REST.

Repeat 3 times. Couldn’t be easier!

What changes can you make to be healthy?


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