My favourite 3 bits of kit right now.

My favourite 3 bits of kit right now.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a kit blog. So here goes – 3 bits of kit I can’t do without.

  1. My Adidas Trainers. And not just cos they’re in my favourite colour teal! The model is AdiZero Adios and they are super light and super bouncy. Love them!


  1. My new Oakley Glasses with Prizm Daily lenses. OMG, these lenses are soooo good. They properly get rid of the glare without making things dark. Perfect in really bright sunlight like it was in Malta. But also really good when it’s sunny and overcast as it often is here in Guildford. As as you’d expect from Oakley, they’re light, they stay put even when sprinting. Totally recommend.


  1. Inov 8 socks. They’re actually called Speed Socks – what’s not to like!! Well these are light weight so not as thick (and hot) as the Bridgedales I’ve written about previously. They’re snug, almost provde a bit of compression and they don’t move around… Fab!


Also a special mention goes to Fitbit! I’ve grown to rely on my Fitbit as an everyday watch. Until last week when I realised it had developed a big crack on the screen. I genuinely don’t know how it happened. But I contacted customer service and was offered a replacement straight away!! So well done Fitbit… excellent customer service is hard to find these days!


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