Baby it’s cold outside…

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Baby it’s cold outside…

Oh yeah, –2 degrees as I write this on a Thursday morning.

Now of course, you know that this not a reason to skip training. But there are ways to make yourself more comfortable. As my ex-USSR coach used to say (cue bad Russian accent) “Der is no ting as bad weder. Der is only bad cloving…”

So here are my top tips.

  • Double leggings. Seriously, this is the best advice I can give you. I like to have a crop or capri pair underneath. Because it avoids lots of ruffling on my mahoosive jumper calves. Thermal leggings are popular with some of my mums. The problem with that for me is they’re most likely to be in the wash when I need them. Whereas double leggings, any two pairs will do!
  • Leg warmers! Who cares if people stare at you on the school run! Warm ankles are sooooo good. Cold ankles make the rest of you cold. It’s science: you have not much fat or muscle around your ankles so your veins and therefore blood is really close to the surface. Which means it’s getting cold, and as this blood circulated around you it’s cooling the rest of you off too. Keep yourself covered up – no skin exposed at least until you’re well into the workout.
  • Layers! But not just any layers. Think about how you put them on and what you’ll take off. E.g. it’s useless having a vest top under a thick down. Because you’ll either be boiling or freezing.


Here’s my set up when I’m training.

  1. Vest top / base layer. Tucked in!
  2. Long sleeve running top. Ideally one with a softshell outer layer. Definitely not a wicking one though, because wicking ones tend to be quite hole-y and therefore pretty chilly. Zip up necks are brilliant too.
  3. A windproof light jacket. This will often be my top layer for when I’m actually doing the main bit of my training.
  4. A fleece type jacket, which I’ll shed post warm up or a light down jacket or gilet.
  5. A windproof / waterproof or water resistant (depending on the weather) outer jacket…
  6. Accessories: gloves, running buffs, headbands, good quality socks! Decathlon have loads of glove options, Melita Fitness headbuffs are finally here and Bridgdale have awesome woolly socks.

Yes, I know, I have a lot of kit. But the right kit makes the difference between a pleasantly session and one where you never quite warm up.

So get kitted up. And buy the best quality you can afford because it generally lasts longer!



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