5 Reasons you should take your workout outdoors

5 Reasons you should take your workout outdoors

Yes, we might still have a few chilly weeks ahead of us, but the benefit of working out outdoors are considerable! So as tempting as it is to snuggle up and hibernate, here are 5 reasons you should head outside.

Disconnect from Technology. Many of us spend most of our days indoors using technology for work-related or personal reasons. It’s way too easy for someone to spend days at a time barely going outside. But being outside gives you the opportunity to switch technology off. It helps clear your mind and reduces stress.

Be in Nature. Loads of studies show that being in nature just makes you feel better! Renewed energy, decreased stress or anger, increased sense of enthusiasm and aliveness are just some of the feelings you can expect from being outside. And luckily, we have some great spaces in Guildford that you can enjoy.

Better Health. A recent wide-ranging study found that immersing yourself in nature helps reduce the risk of diseases such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It lowers cortisol levels (i.e. stress), lowers pulse rate and high blood pressure. That’s an impressive fix.

Boost your Immunity. Being outside means you will get higher levels of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. Yes, even in winter! Vitamin D is thought to affect everything from cancer development to mental health, to your ability to beat the common cold. Many of us don’t get sufficient vitamin D because we spend too much time indoors.

It burns more calories. Temperature plays a huge part in how many calories you burn during exercise. Exercise is harder if it’s cold, because your body works harder to keep warm. Wind provides a natural resistance, while uneven or undulating terrain adds an element of instability to your workout.

So there you have it! Some excellent reasons to head outside this month. And if you’re looking for a workout class to try, look no further than Melita Fitness! We’re outside in all weather…



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