What home fitness equipment shall I buy?


As the Corona Virus situation unfolds, many of you have asked me about buying kit.

So here’s my list of home fitness equipment essentials.


No surprise there. This would be my number one choice.

  • Do get Neoprene covered ones (like my yellow / grey or reds) or opt for the Cast Iron (like the black ones).
  • Don’t get vinyl ones! Or plastic. They are too bulky and you’ll hate them!
  • Try to combine with others from the group, to save on postage costs?

There’s some good cast iron options. Or here.

And here are some good neoprene options. More expensive but last better.

What weight should you get?

Heavy! You mostly want this bell / bells to challenge your legs. So purchase whatever you’re using for squats and swings. If in doubt, go heavier. You can always do less reps, more rest.

Can’t buy?

Ask me! Starting now, I’m going to loan out my excess kit. This will be strictly on a first come first served basis and max one bell each.


Cheap and cheerful. I have LOTS of Melita Fitness ones. I shall start distributing ASAP. It’s a good easy way to make squats more effective. Ask me when you see me. If you’re in self-isolation but would like one, tell me and I’ll post it out to you…


Cheap and cheerful too. Think Argos or Amazon. They will be brilliant for entertaining kids in the garden. And you can use them to mark out sprints in the park or to set out circuits in the garden

Exercise Mat

For ab work and stretching. Look at Amazon or Argos.

Optional: Foam Roller

Use all your extra free time (ha!) to work on niggles or tight areas. Here’s one, there’s tonnes of options. I can’t really pretend to know the difference so look at price and reviews.

Not sure where to start with foam rolling?

Ask me!


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