My favourite top 4 cheat meals.

We all know the story: kids playing up, house is a mess, late back from work and you didn’t achieve half the things you planned to achieve. And suddenly it’s tea or dinner time. The last thing you feel like doing is cooking.
So here are my top 3 cheat meals… Cheat as in limited work is required. But they can still be considered healthy…..

First cheat is rotisserie chicken from Sainsbury (or presumably other supermarkets too) with broccoli and cous cous.
I LOVE rotisserie chicken. OK it’s probably not the best welfare chicken and it’s hard to do anything about that. But this meal takes 5 minutes, one pan for the broccoli and one bowl for the couscous.
And the kids love it!
Win win winSecond on the list is ready made soup. Again NO cooking time and NO mess. My favourite is a Broccoli and Pesto Greens by Covent Garden Soup…
However on its own it’s pretty unsatisfying. So I improve it by adding cooked chicken or ham and big chunks of Parmesan. Much more satisfying!

And for my third cheat, it’s anything from Cook. Yes, it’s a ready meal but I genuinely think it’s a good quality one. I’ve never come across negative reviews or suggestions of hidden ingredients. So I’m inclined to think it’s actually good quality ‘home cooking’. But ready made! And in your freezer… I love their fish pie (and so do the kids) or their beef bourguinon (with cous cous, cauli rice or normal rice).

And finally. You should all know by now I love eggs. Egg based dishes are super fast and easy. Egg muffins, frittata (Quiche without the base) or simply scrambled with smoked salmon and / or avocado on the side. Yum yum
So that’s my cheats. I would love to hear about yours?

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