What’s the BEST exercise??

I get asked this a lot…

The last time I was in Starbucks – my children were with me and being little pickles. So my answer was short and sweet, but incomplete: “do weights” I said. “That’s the best exercise for fat loss.” and then I had to turn back to my girls who were climbing up the sugar and straws dispenser!

The truth is, whilst weight training is a REALLY effective form of exercise, the answer is a bit more complicated than that…

Best for what?

So yes, I’d heartily recommend weight training for fat loss but it’s not the only consideration, is it?

What is the ultimate aim? Is it to be fitter? And what does that mean?
To be able to run after the kids in the park? Or do you want to complete a triathlon? If so, you really need to focus on the 3 disciplines!
To be healthier? Then perhaps a mixed approach of weights and cardio may be more suitable….

So think about what you’d like to achieve, what health means to you, before embarking on a fitness regime…

Do what you like!

In a sense it’s stating the obvious – but you should choose a plan that you enjoy, at least most of the time. If you detest running then it will become harder and harder to stick to the plan if that’s all there is in it. Zumba may not be the best fat burner but if it gets you out of the house on a cold and dreary January evening, that’s better than the alternative!

Mix it up and choose a programme that fills you with excitement not dread!

Do what fits well with your lifestyle…

If the gym is at the wrong end of town, or like mine closes ridiculously early at the weekends, then training will be the first to fall by the wayside if you’re working later than usual or have kids activities planned.

So choose an activity that you can fit around your lifestyle. Invest in a couple of dumbbells and kettlebells that you can use to build a circuit session at home. You can find a wide variety of plans and programmes online. Or check my facebook group for ideas.

Do stick to it!

Whatever the latest celebrity fad, every training programme needs time to yield results. I work with my clients on 12 week programmes predominantly. Because that is the amount of time that I need to deliver good, significant, and EMBEDDED results. It’s not about dramatic weight-loss in 2 weeks, it’s about making changes to your life and embedding them into your day to day choices and behaviours!

So there you have it, a better answer to that burning question.

What’s your “best” exercise?

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