Meet the Member

Chloe before and after

I’d like you all to meet the very wonderful Chloe McSweeney.

How long have you been a member? How often do you attend?
Almost one of the original members, I joined in September 16, as I was perusing Facebook and I replied to one of Chris’ ads! I was extremely nervous – I hadn’t exercised consistently in years. I used to swim sporadically and that was about it. My level of fitness was shocking. I remember being tired after dancing at a friends party for a couple of songs! (And that’s not Jenny style dancing!)

I started coming once a week and that was torture – so now I make 4 sessions a week and run once or twice. I decided when I started Melita, that not feeling like it wasn’t an excuse for not attending. That has really worked for me! [ I like that alot – Chris]

What do you like / hate most?

I used to dread the running, I’d get quite nervous about mixing up the weights with a run/sprint especially the uphill ones at Sutherland park in the winter. Now I think I can say I like running.

I’ll never be a lover of any animal based activity – they seem particularly hard, so that’s bear crawls, froggers, froggies, donkey kicks. [pah – Chris]

The bit I like the best is the friends I’ve made and the fun we have at training. I think that’s what makes me pitch up all the time.

What’s your biggest achievement?

That would be losing 2 and half stone this year alongside starting to enjoy running and even park runs. I’ve done 3 park runs without stopping and NOT COME LAST!!! Unbelievable!

And your biggest struggle?
The hardest struggle for me was the decision to do PHI, I had all my excuses lined up: my husband does all the cooking, the boys need cupboard full of snacks, I’m fit enough anyway. There was lots of them. Once I started though, I made the changes stick and I found it really worked for me.

The added bonus is it’s easier to run carrying less weight!

What’s been the biggest change you’ve experienced?

I think it was looking at a photo of me training post-PHI and genuinely not recognising myself.
It was about getting control back. Lots of things have changed in the past 3 years, not just my fitness or weight, I changed job after 20 years in the same place! I feel in a good place to battle with the middle age feminine issues, there’s a lot of osteoporosis in my family and I feel I’m in a good place to face this.

Any standout moments you care to share?

The retreat was one of the best weekends I’ve had. We had such a giggle while exercising far too much! There’s too many other moments – those unexpected one to ones, even that valentine one Chris and I had one year! LOL!

What do you wish you knew before starting out? Any advice for newbies?

Losing weight is achievable and it makes exercising so much easier. Just pitch up and listen. I find Chris pointers helpful and have really helped enormously, don’t take them as criticism but an opportunity to improve!

Tell us something we don’t know about you!
I had psychic surgery on live television! [You’ll have to tell us more! – Chris]


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