I’m a Bird and I Sing

Bird that sings

Intrinsic Self Worth – do you know what that is?

Best explained via a story…

I was being interviewed (I know, right!) by a friend and awesome coach (of the life and business type) recently and I remembered this story about self worth.

(It was on a podcast and I’m sorry I don’t remember where it was so I can’t cite it. But anyway, here’s the story.)

There was a bird, he was siting in his tree and singing his song.

A passerby was, erm, passing by and heard the song. He said to the bird: wow, what an awesome tune, you’re a brilliant whistler, I love it…

To which the bird replied: I’m a bird, this is my tune, and whistling is what what i do.

The next day another passerby, heard the song and said to the bird: ugh, will you stop that racket, it’s giving me a headache, I can’t bear it…

To which the bird replied: I’m a bird, this is my tune, and whistling is what what i do.

Brilliant, no?

Intrinsic Self Worth

The message of course is on the importance of intrinsic self-worth. How often do we find that our moods, emotions or actions are effected by external feedback?

For example: November and December are horrible months to be a trainer. Many clients cancel their membership and sessions are pretty quiet. In the past, this would really affect my self worth and I’d find myself thinking unhelpful thoughts every time a cancellation email hit my inbox.

Or, you decide to start a fitness / health regime and a well-meaning friend says: oh, that’s not going to work, why don’t you try XXX

Or, you have been eating well all week but a melt down with one of you kids has you stressed, frustrated and feeling like a horrible mum.

This story is a reminder for us to try to insulate our self worth and self value from the highs and lows of daily life. People will react differently to you. But when you feel intrinsic self worth, you are happy and satisfied with yourself as you are. You know yourself, so you don’t react to external factors as much. When we don’t grasp our own worth, values, or judgments, the opinions or actions of others often have more influence than they should.

I’m a trainer, it’s what I do. Some people love it and will stay for a long time. Some people won’t or can’t. I’m OK with that.


I’m a mum, it’s what I do. Some days are great and they’re gorgeous little cherubs. Some days they’re little shits. But I won’t self destruct on the bad day because I know I’m doing OK.


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