????? Soooo many questions….

I get asked so many questions all the time about diets, training, supplements and most of the time I try to answer them.

But sometimes, like today, I just wanna beat the bullshit…

Here’s just some of the questions I’ve been asked this week;

– What’s the best time to train?
– What’s the best exercise for fat loss?
– What’s the best diet to follow?
– What’s the best supplement to use?
– Should I train fasted?
– How many calories should I eat?
– Should I cut carbs out of my diet?
– Should I try IF / Ketogenic / South Beach / Raw foods / bla bla diet

And on and on.

So here’s my one answer for all of these questions.

It doesn’t matter.

Because for 99.9% of us, it’s the wrong question to be asking.

Because unless you:
– already train regularly (4 x a week, for several weeks)
– can tell me precisely what reps, sets and weights you’ve been using over the last training block
– can tell me precisely how many calories and macro nutrients you have consumed in the last 4 weeks.
– monitor you sleep patterns and consistently get 8 hours or more per night
– already eat a varied, nutritious diet consistently with plenty of protein and vegetables…

Then all of these questions are just distractions.

Distractions from actually “doing” what needs to be done to see improvements.

Which can be neatly summarised as:

– Train consistently 3-4 times per week.
– Lift heavy stuff
– Eat real foods
– Eat a high proportion of vegetables
– Get 8 hours of sleep a night.
– Be active in your day to day life

Everything else is detail, which simply causes distractions and confusion. Ignore all the FB posts, the magazine articles, the latest fads promising you that “this is the one thing that will fix” whatever problem you’re looking to fix…

And simply get on with achieving the above list. Consistently.

And then we can talk detail…


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