September Training

september fitness schedule

Thanks so much to the 39 of you who responded to this survey. I have taken all your views in consideration, as well as my own availabilities! And this is the plan.



OK let’s start with the easy one! Nearly half of those who responded asked me to keep Zoom Pilates on the timetable. So that one is easy. However, attendance MUST improve dramatically in order for it to stick. July and August has seen 3s and 4s predominantly, which isn’t enough!

So to the 17 of you who asked me to keep it, please start attending. It needs a regular 6-8 to make it viable long term.

Early Mornings

The result here was clear in that many more of you would prefer an early morning session on Zoom, rather than the park. But it was a mixed result (just 2 votes difference) as to whether we should do 7:30 or 8am. In the end, I’ve decided on a 7:30am class. Primarily because a 7:30am class will leave me with just enough time to drag the kids to school, whereas the 8am needs childcare sorting!

These classes will continue with Mon, Wed and Fri, typically the busier days…

8am Saturday

This one was also easy. There was a clear winner with a demand for Burpham.

HOWEVER, I do love the Newlands session. So from September, every first Saturday will be in Newlands. And as the parking charges have been reverted, we will meet in the main carpark. First Newlands is 5th September…

Tue and Thu at 9:30am

This one was a bit of a mixed bag. It was clear that many more want it in the park than on Zoom. But it was close (3 votes difference) between Worplesdon and Burpham. But in the end, I’ve decided that it will go to Worplesdon.

Burpham already has a large number of sessions and we’ve just added Saturday. We do have a solid customer base who live close to Worplesdon, so it seems fair to put it back where it was. But once again, this is under review. If attendance drops, the sessions will be moved! Similar criteria as Pilates: it needs 6-8 regulars attendees.

So use it or lose it Worplesdonians!

I hope that makes sense and that nobody is left feeling “meh”. As always, continue to let me know what you need and I’ll do my very best to work towards it.

And finally, I want to say a big thanks to all of you for the support through these months, for sticking by me (and each other), for the kind messages, for supporting the business. You’ve no idea how much it means. So THANK YOU!

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