Quick Guide to Zoom Fitness Sessions

Zoom fitness sessions

Zoom Fitness Sessions

We’ve been here before, and we know how to do this: here’s a quick refresh on how to get the most out of our zoom fitness sessions.

  • For all sessions except Pilates: Meeting ID is 293 727 3035
  • For Pilates sessions: Meeting ID: 8189 560 7073
  • You will need a Password. Please contact Chris if you don’t know this! This remains the same for all sessions.

Your Set up

  • Please spend some time ahead of the session getting your set up right (it takes longer than you think).
  • Ideally please get your feet and head in!
  • You can use your camera on video setting to check what this would look like!
  • Also, Zoom sucks up a lot of battery life! Please charge up and plug in ahead of the session…

During the Session

  • If there are children around you, lawnmowers or hedge trimmers, please set yourself to Mute.
  • You can change your view. The settings here are found by tapping your screen (phone / ipad) or top RHS on desktop.). Options are:
    1. Active speaker view, where it flits around to whoever is speaking. This is the default view.
    2. Gallery, where you see everyone. Tap the icon and swipe left or right…

Protect Your Tech!

  • If you’re workout out outdoors, please think about wet weather and wind!
  • iPads have been known to tip over (and smash!) in windy conditions.
  • And persistent rain is, um, not great for tech either. A transparent plastic bag should work to keep you dry!

Zoom Fitness Sessions Timetable

See the online timetable here.

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