I’m struggling. Are you struggling?

Woman feeling cold

I’m struggling. Are you struggling?

It always happens this time of the year. I’m always surprised (not in a good way) how quickly the end of summer turns into winter. It’s not just a little colder and a little darker. The change, especially for my Mediterranean body, is dramatic.

So it gets to October and all I want to do is hibernate. Tasks take so much longer to complete, I kinda don’t want to do anything, even the things I normally love and enjoy. I procrastinate over everything. I spend a lot of mental energy trying to get myself to do the things I should be doing… Like going training, and pushing myself through the whole session. It’s cold, and winter training is brutal.

I’m craving stodge. I can’t get enough sleep. I’m snappy and irritable with the girls. I just wanna curl up on the sofa. I question what I’m doing here, in this country. Basically, I feel like a different version of myself. The one that has run out of batteries.

And that’s before we consider the endless negative news cycle, the lack of certainty we’re facing and the additional stress and anxiety…

So why am I telling you this? Because it’s quite normal. And because this year I’m gonna stop making myself do more/be more, and be a bit nicer to myself. Go with the flow a bit more.

And I’d like you to join me. So have a think…

What things can you downshift or delegate in your life? Cleaning, cooking, work… Are there areas you can put on hold? Me, I’m stocking up on Cook meals so it’s once less thing to do. Plus, I’ve got some excellent trainers working with me now. You’ll be seeing more of them!
What things make you feel better? Do them.
Go outside. Despite the cold, the days are often bright and beautiful. Be with nature.
Go training! Yes of course. It will boost your energy, get you outside and boot your happy hormones.
Diet. The cravings for stodge and sweet is real, you’re not imagining it! So plan ahead to avoid the binge snacking on junk.
• Sleep. In the long summer days getting up early is easy. Not so easy when it’s dark and cold outside. So get to bed earlier!

And basically, be kind to yourself! I think of my life as having dials for each of the main areas I’m focused on: Business, Health, Training, Family. It’s impossible to have everything dialled up to the max, all the time. So think what you can dial down, and do it.

Because it’s ok to dial down!

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