Meet the Member – Lisa

This Month we meet the wonderful Lisa Mantell. Thanks for sharing your story. 
How long have you been a member? How often do you attend?
I joined in January 2019 and try to attend 2 or 3 times a week.
What do you like / hate most?
Well I would have always said I hate running the most but this last week for the first time ever when I had the choice of running or more inch worms I picked running, something I never thought I’d do.
[Chris: ha! that’s how it starts! one day you may even say you like it!]
What’s your biggest achievement? 
I’m not a natural athlete and hated PE at school.  My biggest achievement was plucking up the courage to come to my first taster session and then to come back again.
What’s been the biggest change you’ve experienced?
PHI! I signed up for PHI in September and absolutely love it.  Since starting the programme 10 weeks ago I have lost 30 pounds. I had been following another programme for years, which just wasn’t working and it’s been so great to find a programme that works.
What do you wish you knew before starting out? Any advice for newbies?
It’s not a competition. Nobody judges you. It doesn’t matter how fast you run or which weight you use for squats, what matters is that you are there and that you continue to come to sessions.
Tell us something we don’t know about you!
Most people will have heard me moan about my ankle but here’s an x-ray of the metal work that’s in there to prove it.  Fortunately I don’t seem to set off the alarms at the airport.

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