I’ve lost my training MOJO

I’ve lost my training MOJO

I’ve lost my training MOJO

It’s been brewing for a bit really. The signs are easy to spot: missed training sessions, training sessions cut short and generally a feeling of fear and loathing before any training session.

So I was sitting in the car outside the gym willing myself up and out. I’d already bailed on this session last Monday, when it was supposed to be scheduled, because of some lame excuse. And this was the last chance to catch up the session.

But as I thought through my plan, there was not a single exercise I was looking forward to… I’ve really lost my mojo.

It happens., and to be honest there’s not a lot you can do about it. But how you handle this phase willmake all the difference in your progress towards you goals.

So here’s the thought process I went through.

Identify the root cause?

Loss of mojo is probably due to a combination of things. What else is happening in your life? How’s your energy levels? In my case, I’ve been affected by stress, an injury that I can’t get on top of, a broken routine and my training group has been kind of broken up for various reasons. All of these factors make it easier for me to bail on my training. Because I have ready-made excuses!

But if I look forward to the future, I KNOW I need to keep pushing through this phase to reach my goals later in the season…

But understanding the reasons for your lack of enthusiasm helps you to be more empathetic.

Remember Your Why

In times like this, you’ve got to look to the future. Remind yourself why you’re doing this. Why it’s important. Tell yourself you will keep pushing forward, towards your goal. Take a step, even if it’s smaller than planned. Picture how you’d feel if you didn’t get to your goal. How would you feel? Would you wish you tried harder?

Realise it is temporary.

Realise it’s just a phase, and this too will pass. When it’s passed, you’ll be so glad you kept going and that you’re not having to start from square 1 again.  Then do everything in your power to get out of this phase…

Ask yourself, what are you actually dreading?

Today, I didn’t want to do any of the exercises on my plan. They had all become too hard and too uncomfortable. So you know what I did? I chose a whole new set of my favourites that I hadn’t done for ages! This bargaining got me into the gym. I was amazed that my deadlift was still super strong (87.5kg). I felt comfortable in my reverse lunges at 40kg. I tried some new hamstring stuff and abs which I can’t wait to share with the group. And then I had a play on some plyo boxes.

The workout was still broadly in line with my objectives. But then this amazing thing happened. I figured I’m here and feeling strong, I might as well complete the B@stard jumps with weights that I’d been dreading. So I did!

So back to you: what are you dreading? Has your workout become too long, too hard, too boring? Might be time to mix it up a bit. Try a different class, speak to me, do some yoga. Take the pressure off. But do something…

Get some accountability

Last Thursday it was p!ssing down with rain. I didn’t feel like coaching. So I figured most of my group wouldn’t feel like training either. So we started an accountability circle via whatsapp, so that no one would bail 5 minutes before the session. Just articulating your commitment goes a long way to keeping you to your plan.  No one bailed, and it didn’t rain during the session either. #winning

Other ways you can get accountability:

  • Use me! Tell me what your goals are, and I’ll check in with you regularly
  • Use a friend
  • Join our fabulous group… where we keep each other accountable…


And 1 last tip:you’re only one workout away from finding your mojo again. But you won’t know unless you do something!


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