Meet the Member Update – Lisa

weight loss

So Lisa. It’s been 9 months since your last interview, I thought it’s probably time for an update. Especially as you’ve been on quite a journey and I know many of our members find your transformation very inspiring…

Back in December 2019 you were already well into an amazing journey. You started the nutrition programme in September 2019. And in the first 3 months you lost an initial 30lbs, which is amazing.

But what’s been going on since then?

I completed the initial nutrition programme with Melita Fitness in early December and lost just over two stone through that. I continued to use the recipes to create meal plans each week and had lost another 10 pounds by the time I started the refresher course in mid January. Just before lock down started, I had lost 52 pounds (almost 4 stone). I was determined to carry on following the programme to get to my goal. I did struggle at times especially with the added stress that lock down has caused all of us. But finally at the end of August a week after my 50th Birthday I got to my goal weight, having lost 73 pounds!

Congratulations! That’s an amazing achievement! What’s the biggest difference that you notice now, compared to before you started this journey? How has life changed for you as a result?

I’ve had several people not recognize me in the street and in fact there are photos that Chris has posted from sessions recently where even I’m not 100% sure if it’s a photo of me.

I also realize how much better I feel eating this way. I allowed myself to eat what I liked (and as much as I liked) on Christmas day and Boxing day last year but I was shocked at how sluggish, bloated and generally yuck I felt after 2 days of eating rubbish.

I feel so much fitter and stronger. I’m able to squat lower using 2x 8kg kettle bells and I’m able to run a lot faster in bootcamps, something that I never ever thought I’d be able to do.

What’s one thing that surprised you most in your journey in the last year?

During our summer holiday my husband and I, together with our 2 boys climbed Snowdon. The next day I felt totally fine! No aches or pains at all. I was not tired and in fact I wanted to go out for another walk, whereas my husband struggled to get up from the settee! I ended up doing a walk on my own while the boys went for ice cream.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

If you sitting on the fence about signing up to a Melita Fitness nutrition course, just do it! I am so very glad that I plucked up the courage to join Sept 2019. I really didn’t join Melita expecting to enjoy the sessions as much as I do or to find such an amazing supportive group and to make so many friends. I had almost resigned myself to never getting to my goal weight due my age and that I was probably entering the menopause.

Joining Melita really has been life changing.

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