SPorts Bra

On Sports Bras

At a recent session, the topic of sports bras came up and I was challenged to write about it. Here’s the way these blogs normally

Coffee cups

Let’s talk about Caffeine

Anyone who knows me will know I looove coffee. Strong and black and sweet.

It’s my “treat”. I use it to wake up. I use it to concentrate. I use it when I want chocolate. I use it when I want a break. I use it when my kids have wound me up. I’ll regularly have 5-6 shots in a day. more if we’re doing homeschooling!!😲

Healthy fats including avocado and salmon

The PHI Nutrition Programme

Let’s start with the name! PHI stands for Post- Holiday-Programme (or Pre-Holiday) and it typically runs 3 or 4 times a year, before or after