No surprise there. You should buy a kettlebell! Top tips:

Suggested Brands:

There are lots of other options available on Amazon and eBay. The slight risk is that these non branded kettlebells may have chunky handles making them uncomfortable.

If any of these links don’t work, or if you find a brilliant source / brand, please let me know!


This is the one I recommend and you should purchase the Heavy. It’s very small and very tight, with not much give. This is best suited if you are a small build and already quite strong. And if you love the burn of Monster Walks. A Medium resistance may also be appropriate.

You will need a glute band.

This option is slightly looser but you still need adequate resistance.

No one should be buying a light resistance! It’s a waste of money!


If you’re thinking to join the Pilates sessions, here’s a suggested kit list with some examples. These are optional and you will always be given alternatives based on regular household items.


It’s ALWAYS a good idea to treat yourself to a nice pair of leggings. Melita recommends DesignedBySports. The have a fab range of good quality, good price range. AND Melita10 gets you 10% off!