Where do you park your car?

A couple of days ago I was meeting a friend for a coffee at the local Starbucks in Sainsbury’s. I was on my own, sans kiddos, and had just got out of my parked car when she drove up behind me…

“Why are you parked so far away?” she asked…?

I was parked at the outskirts of the car park, furthest from the supermarket doors.

“Erm… why not?” I replied…?

But when I thought about it later I realised that I always park there.

It’s a habit.

And I got into this habit for a number of reasons:
– I’m pretty rubbish at parking (ssshhhhhh)
– Parking on the outskirts is sometimes faster than negotiating a busy car park.

But above all, I generally park a little bit away from my destination, wherever I’m going (assuming I’m not late)…

Because this habit means that I add an extra 2 minute walk there and back. And when you add a school drop off, a supermarket shop, another errand, a school pick up, various after school activities, etc, etc… That’s easily 20 minutes of walking that I wouldn’t otherwise have completed.?

The same principle can be applied if you’re working in an office: use the lifts, go to the loos on a floor above or below, use the furthest water fountain / coffee machine and so on.

It all adds up and it is VITALLY important to overall health.

Energy expended in this way is known as Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis or NEAT.

And some recent clinical trials suggest that increasing NEAT could represent a promising tool for body mass control and that NEAT could be far more important for calorie-burning than exercise in nearly everyone.

Dang – I’ll be out of a job after this!

So the message is simple: seek out opportunities to make you move more.

And make it into a habit!

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