Success Stories

Rebecca C.

“​I struggled to lose my baby weight after my second child. Every Monday I’d start a new regime, diet, exercise or both and every Wednesday I’d give up. It was just too hard.

I finally signed up to the 12 week plan last January. It was amazing! I had complete clarity on WHAT I needed to do. I just had to do it. For the first time it felt easy and the weight just came off! I didn’t need to starve myself or spend ages in the gym either…”

Katie C

“I recently completed a 12 week personal training programme with Chris and it has been so brilliant that I’ve signed up for more! I decided to sign up after struggling for many months to prioritise exercise and healthy eating back into my life following the birth of my second child and my eldest starting school. I was excited but nervous to start with as I knew Chris would hold me accountable (which is what I wanted) but was worried I would disappoint. Chris did hold me accountable, but in a motivating way. She gave realistic targets that were challenging but achievable, and she gave tips for sticking with it even when life as a working mum gets overwhelming. Chris also taught me to really enjoy strength training. Her sessions are always fun and varied, and she has a way of challenging me without it feeling too hard. By the end of the twelve weeks, I was able to complete 10 “proper push-ups” in a row (having started at zero!), lost nearly a stone in weight and lost 4 inches off my mummy tummy! Thanks Chris! Looking forward to the next three months!”

Tara F.

“When I first came to see Chris, my youngest daughter was nearly 4. I really couldn’t justify the “post baby” fat anymore so it was time to get back on track. I was a bit apprensive, as I’ve never been a sporty person so I was worried that it would be too hard, that I’d be rubbish or that I’d be required to starve myself.

I needn’t have been. Chris is incredibly understanding and reassuring. I was amazed at how quickly I started seeing results: increased energy levels, happier moods, massive improvements in strengths and of course, weight loss!

The programme completely overhauled my approach to exercise and diet. I feel stronger and healthier than ever before. And I am confident that I have learnt vital tools for long-lasting changes to my wellbeing and health.”

Charlie F.

“​Finally I have found a group exercise programme that I can stick to! Chris is brilliant at encouragement and motivation. She is always able to adapt the exercises to suit individuals. I love our group and find it very supportive in working towards my fitness goals. We all work at different levels whilst having fun and always laughing!”

Anne R.

“​I have been going to Melita fitness for mums for 10 months now – twice a week consistently – which is a great testament to Chris as a personal trainer seeing as I have never stuck to any exercise regime before. I was an avid subscriber to the local gym, went religiously for all of two days of the first week of signing up, and the rest was history but still cost me the full contract term – ouch!

The group exercise sessions are fun, tailored yet extensive and varied. Her genuine interest in every person’s well being is evident. Even when exercising in a group, Chris has a way of tailoring the activities to every person’s needs and ability levels, all the while stretching us all to improve and achieve our individual fitness ambitions. I would highly recommend Chris and Melita fitness for mums!”

Louise S.

“I absolutely love the morning sessions with Chris, the group is lovely and the workouts are stretching but manageable! I enjoy the varied workouts and always feel great afterwards!”

Nadia H.

“​Finally, I’ve found something that is just so perfect…  Christine is a fantastic Trainer, I had concerns about my abilities when I joined but she started me off at a level suitable to my own needs and abilities, and has been building me up slowly without any pressure! I am definitely feeling and seeing results sooner than I thought I would!”