Online training

Via Zoom

We started doing online training during the first Covid-19 lockdown and now some of the sessions are so popular on Zoom that we’re keeping them there. 

Training timetable

See the full timetable here to see when we’re online and when we’re meeting in real life.

How to work out online

Register for your session here and you’ll find the zoom details that you need. All details are also in the WhatsApp group details so if you’re a member you can always check there.

How do I connect?

We use Zoom for our online training. This is free software and you can connect via a phone, tablet or laptop. To connect via a laptop all you need to do is click on the link found in the details section when you book your class. If you are using a phone or tablet you may prefer to download the free Zoom app to connect that way.

What equipment do I need?

You don’t need any specialist equipment to join in with our online sessions. You may find a towel or mat useful to put on the floor if you are working out in your garden as there is usually some floor-based exercise. If you have a kettlebell or other weight, it may be worth having it to hand although all exercises will include options that don’t require weights.

What do Melita members say?


Melita Fitness is exactly what I need! I've attended group training for nearly 2 years now - it has been great for my strength and fitness. I've also used the courses to learn about Nutrition, to lose weight, to master my mindset and so much more.



The online sessions are so convenient. I literally roll out of bed and am amongst friends and ready to workout in under 7 minutes. It's perfect when juggling kids and work.