Nutrition Programme

A No Nonsense Nutrition Programme for Mums

This 8 week programme is perfect for anyone who is already following an exercise routine but needs an extra focus on the Nutrition aspect.

It is for YOU, if you:

  • Struggle with knowing what to eat and when.
  • Start the week, every week, with great intentions, only to find you’ve eaten all the biscuits by Tuesday.
  • Are totally confused whether you should be eating low fat / low carb / low kcal / fasting / or bla bla bla…
  • Are ready make lasting changes to your health and lifestyle.
  • Want to learn the answers to optimal health, once and for all!

What does it entail?

  • Master nutrition basics, learn to distinguish truths vs myths and how to cut through all the confusion.
  • Understand the psychology driving your eating habits, understand what is holding you back, and crucially how to release yourself from these constraints.
  • Figure out “What” you should be eating for optimal health.
  • Importantly, understand “How” to create an environment where it is possible to apply the “What” consistently.

This programme includes:

  • Knowledge, you will learn the most important aspects of Nutrition in a no-nonsense method so that you’ll never fall for a fad diet again…
  • Lifestyle changes, we will agree the best bang-for-your-buck changes to implement and
  • Accountability, I will hold you accountable to these changes.

It is delivered through a mix of emails and online products. We will have personal catch ups, group challenges and a fun supportive community going through the same thing as you are! 

So, how much does it cost?

The 8 week programme is £120. 

What others are saying about this programme…


I am now just 2lbs away from my goal weight. I feel really good: strong and toned. Clothes feel comfortable and I’m pretty sure that I will continue to lose these last 2 lbs… We are due to go away in Feb half term, I am feeling far more confident to be by the pool and on the beach. Thank you!
Alison, Guildford

I have found the programme really helpful. Particularly the 121s, as as I have learned lots of things about why I eat, that I have never been able to work out before. I knew that ‘people’ ate for comfort, diversion etc but I didn’t really think that applied to me cos I’m not messed up in my head, right?”
Zoe, Guildford

OK – I’m in. What next?

Super! Check here for the next start date and sign up.

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