Get Started: Life Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal

get started


Do you find yourself saying…“I’ll start when happens.”


I bet many of us are just now:

•   I’ll organise the house, once the kids are back at school…

•   I’ll start a fitness routine, once the kids are back at school…

•   I’ll lose weight, once the baby starts sleeping through the night.

And yes, I think it’s fair to say that mums’ lives have been put on hold especially in those last few days before B2S. What with labeling 100 items and hunting for that elusive Left plimsoll…


But life is not a dress rehearsal. You only get one chance. We only have a limited period of time on this planet and it’s not a practice for anything else. This is the real thing.


And so we have a critical decision to make…


Do we keep saying, “One day I will…” or do we make today the day that we start doing?


Do we keep waiting for that perfect moment or do we start today to make progress towards our goals?


Because starting may well be the hardest part. But in my mind, everything that signifies a happy, healthy and fulfilled existence – be it strong relationships, vibrant creativity, valuable work, a physical lifestyle, a healthy body and so on – it all requires a willingness to get started over and over again.



So, if there’s one thing we ought to learn, is that getting started is the most important part. 


Gosh. I’m feeling deep today. But it’s perhaps because summer is turning to autumn, kids are back to school, my season of training is drawing to a close, and all of these trigger a period of introspection and reflection.


So here’s my questions for you:

•   What have you started, that you’re proud of?

•   What do you want to start next?

•   What is the very first step for this?

•   And… when are you going to do this?


I’d love to hear your answers!


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