This is no ordinary bootcamp!
This is no military yelling! There won't be endless burpees. And no one gets left behind...
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Created especially for mums like you!

Calling Guildford mums...

Are you looking for a fitness routine that you can stick to?

Are you looking to inject some motivation and energy into your workout routine?

Then come and join us for a fun and super-effective workout session.

Group training: free trial

If you’d like to give it a try, sign up for a free trial and join in for a week for free. You’ll quickly get an idea of what we’re all about and whether we offer what you need. 

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What our group members say

"If anyone had told me I'd be up at 8am on a Saturday I'd call them mad! But it was great to be outdoors and you lovely ladies got me through it!"
"​Finally I have found a group exercise programme that I can stick to! Chris is brilliant at encouragement and motivation. She is always able to adapt the exercises to suit individuals. I love our group and find it very supportive in working towards my fitness goals. We all work at different levels whilst having fun and always laughing!”

What do Melita members say?


Melita is so much more than just fitness - it's a community. I really love being surrounded by a group of strong women, pursuing our goals and supporting each other.



Training with Melita Fitness is an amazing start to the day! It's definitely helping my fitness and my sanity! We work hard but we don't take ourselves too seriously. And I love how there's lots of options too - it fits in well with my busy mum life!