Stuck at home?

Strange times we’re living through right now. But if you’re stuck at home, give one of these workouts a go for an instant boost.

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Should I stretch?

The other day, someone asked me about stretching.

Should I stretch at the end of the session? How long should I stretch for? In fact, why do we stretch?

So to get to an answer, let’s track back to: what is the point of stretching? Trainers have lots of different views on this. The science isn’t particularly conclusive either way. So here’s my view.

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Consistency vs intensity

I’m sure we’ve all seen it on FB and Instagram. The posts that go:

I’ve smashed a killer workout
I’m so hard, I’ve run xxx. I’ve squatted xxx
I’m so sore, I did xxx

These posts shout out about Intensity. But we hardly hear anything about Consistency.

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I Did a Hard Thing

I did I hard thing the other day. I said “No” to someone. Why is it so hard to say no? Is it FOMO? A sense of responsibility? Because we don’t want to anger or disappoint people?

Whatever the reason we find it hard to say no, there is a deep sense of empowerment to be had by saying No more often…

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Mushroom Soup

Sometimes you just want a nice a simple soup! Easy to make and with none of the shop-bought nasties…

Fun fact: I hated mushrooms as a child and drove my mum mad picking them out of everything. Nowadays I add mushrooms to loads of meals and erm, I love them. Sorry mum!

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What Makes a Good Coach

I had an argument with my coach the other week. Except in was just in my head, because I haven’t got that relationship with him where I can actually have an argument. So I had the conversation in my head instead.

This is how it went:

Yes I know I should be doing X and not Y during a jump*
But I can’t actually do it. I’ve tried not to do Y. But it doesn’t work.
I need something else. I need to find the root cause. I need a strategy. I need to break it down. I need a technique.
Just telling me “you did X again” I want you to do Y. It doesn’t work!

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Almond Banana Pancakes

These almond banana pancakes may take a couple of attempts to get the consistency just right. But I promise they’re worth it. Totally lovely!

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