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Small group training for women in Guildford. Get fit with a supportive community.


We've got you covered: daytime, evenings and online. Multiple training sessions to choose from throughout the week: the most choice in Guildford.


Burpham: Sutherland Memorial Park
Online: Zoom

"I had been trying to lose weight for years, tried all the usual programmes, but nothing seemed to work… I finally joined Melita’s programme. And I lost 30lbs in 10 weeks. And then continued to lose another 30lbs over the next few months. During the first lockdown! It’s really is as Chris says: being healthy isn’t hard. Once you know what you need to do!"
"I think one of the key things is that it is a motivational group setting yet you still get a lot of personalised attention. This was really important for me, to make sure I'm exercising at the right level and make sure I don't injure myself."
"Melita Fitness is brilliant and Chris really knows her stuff. It’s a motivational group setting but a small class so everyone still gets the one one one attention that they need. The group is super welcoming, friendly and supportive too."

Group training for women in Guildford

Do you want to transform your health & fitness?

Are you ready to look and feel great?

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Our training sessions are guaranteed to help you lose weight & get fitter. We offer:

  • 12 sessions per week, so that you can organise your fitness around your busy schedule
  • Small classes, so that we can cater to your needs and make sure you’re getting the most out of the session
  • Fun atmosphere, because working out shouldn’t be a chore
  • Supportive community, because we want you to succeed


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  • Looking to get in shape for summer
  • Committed and keen to work hard
  • Want to work out in a small group of like minded women.
  • Looking for an individual approach
  • Ready to start NOW!

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We have a choice of 12 sessions every week offering more sessions than any other boot camp or small group fitness group in Guildford.