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Health & fitness for women in Guildford. We work hard but have a great time too…

Group training

This is no ordinary Bootcamp! Workout with like-minded women in a fun and supportive environment. We keep our classes small, so that workouts can be tailored to your individual needs. This will ensure you achieve the best possible progress.

Small groups

You will work out with a small group of women. A typical class has 8-12 participants. Sessions are 45 minutes long and vary so you’re not always doing the same thing. But the focus is primarily building strength. And spoiler, there’s always plenty of squats and lunges.


We focus on strength because it’s really important – as we age we start to lose muscle mass. And muscle is key to enabling us to live full and active lives. Both now and in 20, 30 or 50 years!

When and where do we train?

We train in Burpham Sutherland Park and at Newlands Corner. 

Choose from 10+ training sessions each week so you have flexibility over when to train. No pre-booking necessary! 

There are a mixture of early morning (7:30am), morning (9:30am) and evening (7:30pm) sessions designed to fit in with your busy lifestyles.

How much does it cost?

Membership costs £59 per month for unlimited classes. Whilst we do ask our members to sign up to a direct debit, you are totally in control. There is no joining fee, no minimum term and no cancellation fee.

A once a week option is also available for £40/month. This includes up to 5 sessions per month and is ideal for anyone who is already doing some other form of exercise.

What is Melita about?

We are a health and fitness company focused on inspiring women to feel and healthy.

We know that for many women, the first step is the hardest. You might be worried that you are not fit enough, or you might know where to start, or you might worry about being judged.

We’re really proud of the community we’ve built. The Melita group is made up of women with something in common: we’re all taking the time to be the best version of ourselves but we find it easier to do that whilst having fun.

Yes, there’s a bit of running involved sometimes but we choose strong over endless cardio. You will be using kettlebells and strengthening your muscles with all the related benefits that extra strength brings.

It is possible to train hard and have fun.

Our Melita community keeps everyone coming back. It provides accountability and is a wonderful reminder that you’re not the only one juggling family, work, life, relationships and self care too.

Many wonderful friendships are formed and last beyond the training sessions. We train hard but also have fun: nights out, retreats and more.

group training free trial

Free trial

If you’d like to give it a try, sign up for a free trial and join in for a week of Melita Fitness for free. You’ll quickly get an idea of what we’re all about and whether we offer what you need. 

Mindset courses

Work with your mind

Learn at your own speed with online courses on a range of topics including hormones, mindset and weight loss.

Chris Sciberras

Who we are?

A community of mums in and around Guildford who have committed to prioritising their health and fitness. Melita Fitness was set up by Chris Sciberras who runs many of the sessions herself and is supported by a small team of trainers. 

What do Melita members say?


Melita's online sessions are a small window of the day that is keeping me sane. I get out of bed a little creaky, but by the time the session has finished I feel energised both physically and mentally.



I think one of the key things is that it is a motivational group setting yet you still get a lot of personalised attention. This was really important for me, to make sure I'm exercising at the right level and make sure I don't injure myself.


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