Health and fitness solutions for mums in Guildford

Fitness Expertise to Suit Your Needs

Being healthy and fit is not easy at the best of times. And when you’re a mum, finding the time to stay on track becomes even harder. With mountains of washing, homework or afterschool activities, it’s easy to overlook your own health and wellbeing. But it needn’t be this way. Melita Fitness for Mums is here to help you regain the fitness and confidence levels needed to enjoy every aspect of your life to the full.

We have helped hundreds of mums in Guildford and the surrounding areas in the last 10 years. Mums who once felt overwhelmed and frustrated just like you. But they have now learnt to feel comfortable in their body. You can be the next to take control of your fitness. And to see how empowering this can be!

You might want to drop a dress size; or increase your energy levels; or even get stronger and fitter to be able to chase after your active kids. Whatever the objective, our programmes will help you unlock a healthier and happier future by reaching those goals.


No two mums are the same. No two lifestyles are the same. That’s why you need a personal training service that is built around your specific needs and commitments.

At Melita Fitness, we offer three types of package that do exactly that.

Group Training

The Group Training programme is perfect for mums who want to workout with friends or meet new ones on the journey. It’s a very popular option for those who struggle with long-term motivation. 

Sessions will include a mix of HIIT, bodyweight or resistance training. And there are 8 sessions per week to choose from, to fit you busy mum schedule.

Nutrition Programme

This 8 week course is designed to cut through all the confusing ‘diet advice’ that is out there. And provide you with a simple. step by step approach to designing a healthy sustainable lifestyle. That will last you a lifetime!


One-To-One Coaching

Our flagship 12 week personal training program will be intensive, with unique training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching. It is designed for busy mums who would like to lose weight and get fitter. It is guaranteed to change habits and transform lives!

Our Mission

Melita Fitness was built with one goal in mind: to help mums feel confident in their own bodies.

Even if you’ve tried and failed with previous diets and exercise regimes, please don’t give up.  You are not alone! The training philosophy at Melita Fitness was designed for mums just like you. Our programmes will show you exactly what you should be doing in order to get fitter and healthier. We cut through the reams of ‘google advice’ and give you an uncomplicated approach to health and weight loss. You won’t need hours in a gym. You won’t need to starve yourself.

You will, however, learn a new way of looking after yourself. You will get stronger. And you will feel more energy. Guaranteed.

On your own, or in a group, your personalised plan will be built to generate lasting results in a fun and rewarding environment. We take away the confusion and the overwhelming, conflicting advice and give you step by step, actionable plans instead.

The body you’ve always dreamed about is within touching distance. Grab it by starting your journey. If you’re struggling with weight and fitness, it’ll be the best decision that you could make.